The Ancient Temples of Chiang Mai

Filmed during three days in Chiang Mai, Thailand in March of 2018. This video explores the temples and nature around the historic and beautiful city.

At the time I didn't have a steadicam or gimbal, so most of the moving shots were taken in 120FPS and then slowed down to 5x slow motion while editing, which gives it a much smoother look.

Chiang Mai definitely is a place I want to re-visit soon and explore all of the places I couldn't see during that trip.

A Rainy Day in Bangkok

Actually two rainy days of exploring the dynamic and beautifully chaotic city of Bangkok, put into a single video. Taken back in October of 2017

How to Create Stunning Sunset Photos 

One of my most popular tutorial videos where I explain the tools and possibilities of the Adobe program: Lightroom.


It's a long in depth look at the full workflow from taking a photo right out of the camera and editing it in various ways to achieve a more punchy and visually pleasing look, while explaining the whole process and all of the tools used.

How To Turn Flat Photos Amazing in Just 10 Minutes

Significantly shorter compared to the over 40min  long video tutorial above, this is another video exploring the photo editing program: Adobe Lightroom.


This time while showing the whole process of taking a relatively flat and uninteresting looking RAW file, straight out of the camera, and adding various adjustment to get an artistic, cold and rough look which fits the highland landscapes of Scotland.