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If you are looking for a competent, passionate and dedicated photographer with  experience in working with brands, and who is willing to travel worldwide, consider me to be part of your next project. (Currently based in Bangkok, Thailand)

Every project and collaboration is different from the ground up. I am flexible in adjusting for the needs, timelines and services of my clients. Whether it be an assignment to capture stunning and storytelling images in a distant country, a photo shoot to showcase your products in the most elegant and beautiful way, professional photo editing to suit the style of your brand, or any custom solution, I will put in my full effort to offer you the custom services you require.

Companies & Brands I've Worked With:

Hey there! I'm a very passionate photographer who seeks to capture not only mere good pictures, but great ones! Getting a truly stunning picture can sometimes be as easy as pressing the shutter in that magical moment, but more often than not there is a lot of planning, exploring to find the best angles, waiting for the perfect light, conditions, time of day, weather... required until the moment comes where pressing the shutter captures and crafts that truly unique picture that tells a story, conveys a mood and makes the viewer feel more than just ''that's a pretty picture''.

I've been shooting semi-professionally and professionally for over 4 years now and have, so far, captured multiple thousands of images in various countries on 3 continents.

Contact Me:      (Contact email: e16@gmx.net)

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