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You can purchase high quality prints of all photos you find here on the website. When purchasing a print, you can expect great attention to detail, sharpness, and a print that looks just as vivid as you see on the website. All photos are printed on top quality papers and materials. I guarantee the quality of all my work, that's why I have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all prints! (more details below)


In order to offer  various high quality papers, big sized prints and various materials such as metal or canvas & to offer you fast shipping, even when I'm traveling and am somewhre in the middle of nowhere, all of my photos are printed and shipped by BayPhoto. Renowned for their color accuracy, sharpness, print quality and excellent consistency, BayPhoto is one of the premiere print labs in the United States. Located in Santa Cruz, California, BayPhoto has catered excellent quality prints to professional photographers since 1976.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% happy with your print, I will refund or reprint your order at no extra cost. Simply E-Mail me within 14 days after receiving your order.

(Note: If you've completed your purchase using a different currency than USD, the refund amount may not exactly match the purchase price due to fluctuations in the exchange rate.)

Printing Size

The maximum printing size depends from picture to picture. I will only print pictures at sizes that meet my high standards of quality, detail and sharpness to ensure exceptional quality of each and every print. To see the sizes of a photo, click the ''Buy'' button and all the available materials & sizes for the photo will show.

Note: All sizes are given in inches! if you would like to convert the given size of a print to centimeters, you can use this inches to centimeter calculator right here

Shipping & Delivery Times

From the time of you completing your order until the photo being printed and sent out can take anywhere from 5-12 days. I double check every file and photo to ensure it has no flaws. This can take up to 7 days if I'm traveling but should usually take way less time. After that, shipping can take anywhere from 1-30 days, depending on your country, region and shipping option. Generally shipping within the US will take anywhere from 2-5 days. Shipping outside of the US shipping can take anywhere from 3-30 days. There are also priority and express shipping options available depending on your location. You will see the estimated shipping times depending on your shipping option and location once you have put in your address on your order (this is before payment, so you can still opt back out before you actually buy or pay anything)

All prints are carefully and securely packed to reduce the risk of damage during shipment to a minimum. Every single print, no matter what size, is shipped flat to ensure no bending or rolling of the paper. Please take care when opening the box and don't use any sharp tools such as scissors or knives or you might accidentally damage the print.

Shipping & Delivery Cost

The shipping cost depends on your location, print size, weight and your shipping option (regular, priority, express...). Just as with the shipping times, you can see the shipping cost and delivery option by choosing a print or product, going to checkout and putting in your delivery address (again, this is before any payment!, you can still cancel the order and back out before you pay or buy anything).

Payment Methods

- All major credit cards

- Paypal


If you have any questions regarding the print process, papers, quality standards or if you wish to have a photo printed on a different material, in a special size or if you have any other special request or questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me

Paper Types & Materials

Metallic Paper

Kodak Professional ENDURA Metallic paper has a very unique, metallic shimmering look with a huge WOW factor. The high gloss and very vibrant look along with great contrast and the distinctive metallic shimmer, offer exceptional visual interest, vibrance, sharpness and depth, with an almost three dimensional appearance. This is by far my favourite paper, all paper prints that I have are printed on Metallic Paper. Note that the whites can sometimes seem a little bit metallic and pearl-ish rather than pure, bright white. Personally I like this look because I think it adds to the shimmer and metallic look but if you want 100% accurate whites, then you might want to consider another paper.

Glossy Paper

Kodak Professional ENDURA Glossy paper also has a high gloss and vibrant appearance. Although it's not quite as glossy or as vibrant as the metallic paper. Kodak Professional ENDURA Glossy paper offers excellent sharpness, great white tones, deep blacks and overall a very colorful and beautiful look. I would recommend this paper for anyone who wants a more classic, less artistic but still very vibrant, glossy and colorful look.

Lustre Paper

Kodak Professional ENDURA Lustre paper has the color saturation of glossy paper but lacks the glare and reflections of the Kodak glossy or metallic papers. Lustre paper has a very fine texture on the surface which gives it a classic feel and overall more traditional look. This is still an excellent paper, with a lot more saturation than mate paper. Despite it not being as eye catching and as WOW'ish as glossy or especially metallic, I would recommend this for anyone who wants vibrant colors, but less ''attention seeking'' than the other papers & for anyone who doesn't want the glare or shimmer associated with metallic or glossy paper. 

Metal Prints

Metal Prints have a huge WOW factor with an exclusive, modern and very vibrant look to them. With the dyes infused directly into a specially coated aluminium plate, and not just printed on an aluminium sheet, metal prints offer a magically luminescent look, along with high durability, scratch resistance and amazingly vibrant & alive colors. Metal Prints are waterproof and can be easily cleaned with any normal glass cleaner. Unlike paper prints, Metal Prints are ready to hang on the wall with no framing needed and with hangers already attached to the back. I would recommend Metal Prints for anyone who wants to hang a photo directly out of the box without any framing needed, and for everybody who likes the modern and frame-less look.

Wrapped Canvas

Canvas prints are printed on high quality giclée canvas that then is wrapped around a 3/4" (1.9cm) wooden frame, with part of the photo visible on the side of the frame. With the distinct texture, feel and fine art look, canvas prints are ideal for anyone who wants a more classical, less ''shiny'' and more discrete, fine art looking print. Canvas prints are ready to hang on your wall.

How Do I Buy a Print?

Once you are in a gallery, there are 3 options to buy a print:

1. Click on the red ''Buy Photos'' button on the top right of the gallery.

2. Move your mouse over a picture and click on the little shopping cart icon.

3. Open a picture and click on the red ''BUY'' button in the bottom right of the lightbox.

Digital Image Licensing

Personal & Commercial Licensing

If you are interested in licensing any of my photos, ranging for the use on a personal website, all the way up to the use in an advertising campaign, please contact me with details regarding the photos and the usage of the pictures you are interested in.

Licensing for Charity or Environmental projects

If you are interested in licensing any photo for the use in a charity or environmental project, I might be able to give you signifficant discounts or even provide photos for free, just contact me.

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